Strategy and Tactics to Building Your Image

Here are three questions you must ask yourself when reviewing strategy and tactics.

  • Why would anyone choose me over my competition? We are often guilty of talking about ourselves and not about the prospects problem and state of mind.

  • Can any attorney say the same thing? (See the previous question.)

  • Can the potential say…”I need to see what this means”

  • “Your best bet to successfully interrupt and engage your target prospect is to identify our prospect’s problems, frustrations, and annoyances… and then address them.”

Try these strategies and tactics…

Strategy and Tactics 1…Make ’em sick then make ’em well

  • Identify the problem, aggravate the problem, then explain your solution.
    “Are you experiencing problems finding an attorney to help you with your accident claim?”

  • “If the answer is. “Yes!” then this will be the most important message you’ll ever receive.”

  • “Here’s why! ‘Your probably experiencing pressure from a insurance company to settle right away. Don’t do that without help’!”

Strategy and Tactics 2 -Talk about how scared they must be and what they’re facing

  • Tell them what’s in store for them if they read (view) your presentation.

  • “In the next few minutes, I’m going to share a concept that has provided people like you to collect your medical and income checks while you heal.” 

  • “Specifically, I’m going to reveal 5 strategies you must put in place to collect your accident benefits. I’m giving it away for FREE!”

Strategy and Tactics 3 – Crossroads or pain vs. pleasure opening

  • “A year from now or less, you could be totally healed and returned to work without any debt caused by your accident and your medical treatments.”

  • “The choice is yours and insure your benefits will be there during your recovery!”

Strategy 4 and Tactics – Gain the client’s agreement

  • “Some attorneys will gladly tell you whatever you want to hear, just to get you to choose them as your attorney. Does that bother you?”

  • “We could meet tomorrow for coffee or at my office and we can put together a strategy of getting you well.”

  • Once the strategic plan is in place you can take steps to regain your health and I’ll take care of the reams of paperwork that needs to be taken care of.”

  • Can we meet tomorrow about 10:00 or would 2:00 be better?



Retired Advertising Rep and Magazine editor; Living with his wife on a lake on the Southern Tier of NY. Began M&M Prosperity Team in an effort to supplement their income and share what the learn to earn with their readers.