Write Your Own Story

Write Your Own Story?

write your own storySuppose for the moment that you were in a position to write your story from the beginning of your life to the very moment you’re occupying now.


What would your story be? Have you been happy? Have you accomplished your goals? Did you have dreams you attained… or dreams that you simply lost or forgot? Do you have regrets? Are you looking toward a happy future? Have you overcome adversity?


Most people who read those questions seem to do a mental audit of their years on earth and check a box next to the prime word. Some of the checkmarks represent a positive, while others get either partial credit or a resounding minus!


But, you know what? It doesn’t matter what your answers to those questions are. The past is gone, over and done with. Unless you have a power greater than most, you can’t go back and relive your successes or change your failures.


You can, however, picture those experiences in your mind, in order to plan your future. The great thing about that is your future is a blank page waiting for you to write what it is that will happen. You’ve dreamed dreams in the past, what were they? Think of this as your premature “bucket list”… a living “on purpose” for the time you have left.


It definitely doesn’t matter how old you are, your future is in your hands. Don’t let the economy, your physical capabilities, or your shortcomings hold you back. Think of your abilities, your past experience with success and remember… you’re never too old to begin living the life you were created for.


I all ends on earth one day for us all. No matter how difficult life seems today… don’t quit! No matter what stands between you and your dream… don’t quit! And don’t listen to those around you who are cautioning you to give up your dream. They want you to be like they are… just surviving.


You don’t need education for this. You need faith in yourself!


Rather than sitting around thinking of the ways you could fail, step out in faith and determine that you’ll make it, because you won’t quit. Quitting… that’s real failure and it’s right next to “not trying.”


God bless you as you write your own story.




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