Want Their Attention – Then Interrupt


Want their attention, then interrupt! Have you ever been on the internet and found an interesting video, or a blog or article that piques your interest, and… instead of watching or reading, you bookmarked it? Or do you save your emails before reading, thinking you’ll go back and read them later?


In my case, I rarely get back to those bookmarked and saved documents. So periodically, I find myself scanning the titles again and cleaning house without engaging in the messages. Do you do that, too?


I know why I do it. The headline or the sender has tweaked my brain’s activator and interrupted what I was doing. I spend a few seconds determining whether it’s relevant. If I’m not fully engaged in the message, I will either trash it, save it or tell myself I will get back to it later.


Since we do that, ourselves, we must realize our prospects are doing the same things. You may interrupt your prospect with an image, big fat claim or something shocking, but that interruption may last for only a few seconds. If they trash your communication, it’s gone forever. If they save it or bookmark it, chances are remote that they’ll return to it. Engagement must be immediate!


Just getting the prospect’s attention for a few seconds is never enough to get them engaged. When they become engaged in your headline or opening statement, they will want more information to make a decision to push forward with you. How do you get them to that point?


Your best tactic to effectively interrupt and engage the prospect is to identify their problems, frustrations and annoyances, and then address those in your marketing. And that’s where the majority of us fail both ourselves and our prospects.


We spend time researching and then writing or videoing a message. When our results show we are unable to interrupt a large enough audience, we feel no one is interested in our communication. The reality is that no one’s interested because your interruption didn’t engage them strongly enough for them to read, see and evaluate your message.


So many talented people write blogs, scripts, and articles that are jammed packed full of valuable content… and then spend 15 seconds slapping a keyword string or a hastily chosen headline that will not accomplish interrupting the prospect’s attention. Bad headlines ensure great content never gets read or seen.


I read 20 to 30 press releases and articles every day, searching for something that interrupts my surfing and moves my brain from Alpha “autopilot” to Beta “what’s this all about?”¬† I see keyword titles on affiliate marketing, SEO, and related topics… but they are typically neither well-thought-out or interesting. Rarely do I see a headline that takes me out of autopilot into “hey, I’m interested in that!”


Look, I appreciate SEO as much as the next person, but let’s face it. Only a few will make the first page and the rest of are never seen. And unless someone is looking for that specific string of keywords, they won’t be looking for me, anyway.


Although I’ve been able to get some blogs and videos on the front page, I think I’ve determined that there are a number of great places to publish my videos where I stand a better chance of reaching people’s needs by simply engaging their activator in places like ibotoolbox, social monkey, facebook, twitter, Google+ and many other places people go. I don’t need SEO’s help, I just need a good activator, which for me is easier to figure out than SEO.


Building a list and communicating valuable content with that list seems the most productive to me.


Later today, I’ll post a piece on writing headlines and give a few tips and questions you should ask yourself. I need to write that article for myself, because I’ve grown lazy at writing good headlines.


Until we meet again, God bless and have an abundant 2014. Listed below… in case you are interested, are the articles that proceeded this one. In my next video, I’ll cover “Engaging Your Prospect.”


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God bless and may you find peace and abundance

Mike Sparrow







Retired Advertising Rep and Magazine editor; Living with his wife on a lake on the Southern Tier of NY. Began M&M Prosperity Team in an effort to supplement their income and share what the learn to earn with their readers.