Time to Stop Selling What You Do

Selling is more than what we do… I saw a post recently that said “It’s time to stop selling what you do, and begin selling why you do it.”

That really strikes a nerve with me, especially in the affiliate marketing in+dustry. It seems that the resources we have available through the companies we represent… market and sell nothing but product with the end result of mounds of cash.

New members of various teams, come from all walks of life and only a few come with a sales or marketing background. Each new individual is facing, to them, a monumental decision that has taken them out of their comfort zone and placed them smack in the middle of a world that is totally foreign to them. They might as well be forced to learn a foreign language without the help of a person, cd or a “for dummies” book.

What do they do. Well, even though they were drawn to the industry to make money for a specific reason, they join into the chorus of voices yelling “get you wealth here”, we’re the biggest, fastest, highest paying, company in the world. And that’s what they sell… and that’s why over 90% fail.

I have a theory that coincides with the old saying that “people do not like to be sold, but they like to buy.” The strategy of trying to lure prospects in with fame and wealth is overblown and if your not in the top 5% of the industry’s income leaders, you have nothing concrete to boast about. People will not join because of a success promise.

So what will they join. They will join with someone who has a vision. Someone who knows where they’ve been, doesn’t like it and is pursuing a vision and is willing to include people who would chase the same dream.streaming Despicable Me 3 2017 movie

Do you have a vision. If you said yes, then go sit down and write it down in 50 words or less and in 2 minutes or less. I thought so… everyone thinks they have a vision, but not too many can express it.

Take a minute and search goal vs. vision and see the difference. Then sit down and determine what your vision is, write it down in 50-60 words, and then ask yourself this question. “Will anyone lock arms with me to pursue this vision?” There is an audience for you… refine your message and…blog about it!

I’m Mike Sparrow from M&M Prosperity Team, our vision is to find financial freedom, not at the expense of people, but with the help of people who’ve locked arms with us and are running after our shared dream of better things to come.

Time to Stop Selling What You DoUntil we meet again, may God bless you with health and abundance. Good bye for now.

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Retired Advertising Rep and Magazine editor; Living with his wife on a lake on the Southern Tier of NY. Began M&M Prosperity Team in an effort to supplement their income and share what the learn to earn with their readers.