The Purpose of Marketing – 3 Pronged Approach

Ask a business owner or marketing person what the purpose of marketing is and you receive a variety of responses.


Some will say it’s branding, others for generating sales, some believe it’s to find prospects and one school of thought says “to make money.” Of course there’s some truth in that but it’s not totally correct.


Okay…. so what should marketing accomplish for you? I believe there are three things or stages that marketing should take you through.


The first stage is capturing the attention of your target or niche. The second stage is teaching the prospects to make an informed decision about your product or service and finally lower the prospect’s risk of taking the next step in asking for more information.


Step 1: Capture the attention of your target or niche market – seems almost elementary doesn’t it? But there are specific ways to accomplish gain focused attention and when done properly they move the prospect smoothly into Step 2.


Step 2: Include prospect in the decision-making process – There are people out there who need and want your product or service. They are searching for information that will provide them with insider knowledge of the solutions you’re able to provide.


Your job is to provide information that leads them to realize you have the know-how and the means to help them solve their problem. They will look to you to justify their investment. They don’t need facts, features with “big fat claims.” They need easy-to-understand solutions and an understanding of how those solutions will benefit them.


In short, you provide them with the information that makes them comfortable with the process.!


Step 3: Provide a low-risk, easy-to-take action that will support the prospect’s decision to seek more information which will give them confidence to continue toward a decision.


It’s simply too difficult to cram all the information someone needs into one capture page and landing page in step 2, but if step 2 is presented correctly the prospect will be hungry for more and they will begin open the lines of communication via email, phone, and blog.


As the prospect becomes more comfortable with the communication something else begins to happen. The prospect begins to make an emotional investment with you and the product. This emotional connection will more than likely result in a new member to the team.


You hear producers say that their list is what makes them successful. In truth, it’s not the list but their effectiveness in holding the lists attention and welcoming the daily emails these leaders send out. No matter how big the list is it cannot be effective without prospects anticipating and opening the communications they are sent.


Those are the three pages that make up the purpose of marketing. I betting you already knew what they were… yet it’s important to understand them so you can execute your marketing plan.


My next video will begin covering the 4 Steps in Executing your Marketing Plan where you’ll be able to learn some technique for marketing that works. Until then, I wish you the best in building an awesome business for an awesome life.


By the way… Click on the url below and watch the video Millionaire Pizza Boy. In this video you receive real live ideas that will help you with your business. Until next time, God bless and peace out!


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