Personal Injury Attorneys Need To Market Successfully

Attention Personal Injury Attorneys!

You Can’t Market Your Practice Using Outdated Advertising Methods

That Provide  ZERO Clients And a NEGATIVE Return on

Investment For Your Marketing Budget!

Personal Injury Attorneys Need Marketing I was in my car recently when I heard an interview with a very successful personal injury attorney, who said something I wish every attorney would take to heart.

He said, “I spent time in law school learning about the law, only to spend 5 years in practice learning to be a businessman.”

He went on from there to talk about the courses he wished were offered before he graduated. Number one on his wish list was a marketing and advertising course.

 Why Personal Injury Attorneys Need Marketing Skills?

Personal injury attorneys are analytical by nature. It’s a characteristic that makes them good at what they do, but seems to get in the way of how they grow their business.

The majority of attorneys look at marketing and advertising with disdain. They don’t seem to respect the sale process much, and they certainly don’t want to be a salesperson. But a marketing philosophy is exactly what they need to grow their practice.

So instead of learning some basic marketing theories the personal injury attorneys wear themselves out going to business mixers, church functions, Rotary and Lions clubs, and numerous other functions in search of referrals and clients. It take hours of time… time that is not billable!


Personal Injury Attorneys Are Different!

The personal injury attorney is really at a disadvantage in marketing to their niche. While other company’s can identify their perfect client, where they’re found, and how to reach them… the personal injury attorney doesn’t have that luxury.

You can search high and low and you can never pinpoint and market to people who will be injured in the near future. If you have a large enough budget you may be able to run enough television or radio ads that repeat your tagline or a memorable telephone number enough so when a person has an accident you are the first one called. But…

… I often wonder how many cases the attorney must land in order to make a profit.


Where To Find Clients For Personal Injury Attorneys?

Let me tell you where they are not found! They are not in the Yellow Pages. The can’t be found in the newspaper. Chances are you’ll not find them on the radio. Billboards are just glorified business cards!

All of these media, plus television are great for the restaurant, car dealer, retailer and even the accountants and doctors. But they simply can’t reach the person who may be in a car accident tomorrow. At which point the client has no memory of your ad.

Obviously your marketing choices are limited so you need to choose just the right media, for the right audience with the right message.

And you know what I’m going to say don’t you? Yep it’s the internet… more specifically Google Search. And you know what? You can use Google Search to increase your website’s traffic and increase your conversions.


Personal Injury Attorneys and Google Rankings

Did you know that when an injured victim wants a personal injury attorney they are 30 times more likely to search on Google than open the Yellow Pages. The caveat is… your firm must be found on the first page!

So how do you get on the first page? And how do you ensure your website is ready for visitors that make a decision in less than 10 seconds to decide to stay or leave your website.

I’ve written a FREE booklet that outlines “5 Tips For Your Firm’s Visibility”


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  Be healthy and as prosperous as you deserve.

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