Marketing – A Fresh New Way


A Fresh New Way

When I joined an affiliate marketing company I followed their advice to the letter, particularly regarding marketing and advertising. Although I think there advice and resources were professional I was disappointed by the results I was getting.
The graphics on the capture and landing pages was first class, but they just were not doing as well as I thought they could. So for the first time since joining the company I sat down to evaluate what I was doing and determine if there was a better way.
One of the things I realized was that 200,000 members had access to the basically the same marketing resources as I did. They were following the same advice as I was on where to place their marketing as I was receiving. Second, practically every ad seem to deal with a rags to riches story, get out of debt tale or proving how much money a person was making

The problem was my corporate marketing wasn’t about me. It was about other people. My question became, how do I get people to trust me enough to join my team?

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Well, Prior to retiring I owned a regional advertising agency and was the publisher of several area magazines.It didn’t take too long to figure out that I had the answer of what I thought would work for me. When I was in business, the things I enjoyed most was brainstorming with my clients and magazine advertisers, then going back to the office, turning on the Apple and designing their ad campaign, including the graphics.

What I realized was the advertising format I used for my clients and magazine advertisers could be tweaked a bit to fit affiliate marketing and online businesses. So that’s what I did. And here’s what happened.

I began getting more and better optins, prospects were opening my emails at a higher percentage and there was a greater opportunity to convert prospects. As a result I did 9 video blog posts of the formula I and how it worked.
I got some great feedback on the videos, but was being asked fairly regularly, where the videos could be found… so finally I decided to put them together in one place, spend five bucks on a fiverr dvd cover and put them on line for FREE.

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The videos were done at my home with available light, so although I think they’re good, professional is not the case. But, if you feel like you’d enjoy learning a different formula than the one most everyone is using, you might enjoy some fresh ideas in these videos. They can also be a valuable pass along to your team. Ninety-five percent of all network marketers are leaving the industry discouraged and angry.

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Two things you might want to remember. Factual or not the people who fail believe we did not meet their expectations. And secondly, it’s easier to help a teammate to get going than it is to find another team member. Many times it’s just one little piece of information and encouragement that changes the downward direction of failure.

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So… thanks for listening. I wish you the good fortune to grow an awesome business for an awesome life. And remember, success comes from helping people up, not making them a downline. Until we meet again, God bless and bye for now.

Mike Sparrow


Retired Advertising Rep and Magazine editor; Living with his wife on a lake on the Southern Tier of NY. Began M&M Prosperity Team in an effort to supplement their income and share what the learn to earn with their readers.