Why do internet marketers fail?

Why Do Internet Marketers Fail?


internet marketersAfter 5 minutes of his exciting presentation, you’ve already decided you like him and are wondering how you can join him in this opportunity to make thousands of dollars in just a few short weeks.


He looks into the camera and says, “I have confidence in you and know that within weeks you’ll be putting more money into your bank account than you can imagine. But if you’re going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need to invest in your future.”


Before you know it, you’ve put several hundred dollars on your debit card… money that you worked hard to earn, but money that you’ve now invested in your future. “I know I’ll make it,” you say confidently to yourself. “I’m a hard worker and I’ll stick to it like a bulldog.”


Weeks later, you’re spending long hours in front of your computer. Your family members, once excited by your belief that within weeks your life would change, are now angry about how this new frontier has kept you away from them, made you aggravated by little things, and driven you to the brink of depression because you haven’t even made your invested money back yet. And you’re ready to quit!


The real story of Internet Marketers


You don’t have to spend too many months in network marketing to see the effect pressure and disappointment have on the individual. That’s why some 90% of internet marketers fail.


internet marketersIt doesn’t have to be that way! With billions of people in the world today, there is plenty of business to go around. It’s very possible to make a respectable living online, even if you don’t become a millionaire in two years. Just like brick and mortar business today, some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars and others make a nice monthly income. That’s true of internet marketing, as well, except if we don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars, we think we have failed.


The difference is, those network marketers who make money work fewer hours for a higher reward than their mainstream contemporaries, who work for “the man.” It can be a great life.


If I guaranteed you today that you could make $5000 a month in an online business, but you’d have to bust your backside for 6 months, and after that only work 2-4 hours a day, but still maintain a $5K income… would you take it? (Note: there’s an income disclaimer to that statement and not an implied guarantee).


How should Internet Marketers avoid failure?


  1. Don’t believe everything you hear. Try to look through the hype to hear the real message.
  2. Don’t sign up without waiting a few days. Normally you see things more clearly a day later.
  3. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.
  4. Do investigate. The internet will provide honest answers if you look for them.
  5. Do recognize that if you start from ground zero, it will take time to build your business.
  6. Do be willing to focus and work hard for at least a year.
  7. Do pick a company that talks about a success formula.


And finally… number 8

internet marketersCall your potential sponsor and talk about training. If you don’t hear words like “everyday,” “webinars,” “marketing resources,” “success formulas,” and “team,” then you may find yourself all alone when you sign up.


I am convinced you cannot “go it alone” in this business. Being part of a bigger picture – a team – is very important to getting regular training and different outlooks that fit your personality.


From my standpoint, my team has also helped keep me motivated when I was down. They were available to send ideas and solutions to my problems, and rebuild my desire and confidence.


Without them, I would be doing “something else” for a living. This, my friends, is better than “something else.”


These ideas will not, by themselves, make you successful, but they will help establish a base of education and security as you move toward your goal.


internet marketersSo… if you’d like more information concerning training, Chris Jones has just introduced a Success Kit. This Kit is FREE, and consists of audio training CDs and a workbook. It’s priority mailed to your home.


You can click on the button below for more information on Chris’ Success Kit. And if you want to follow my advice and call your potential sponsor with Empower Network… my phone number is below. Please… I live in New York, on eastern standard time. So, no calls after 10 pm or before 9 am, please…lol




Have a great day and begin soon to build an awesome business for an awesome life.











Retired Advertising Rep and Magazine editor; Living with his wife on a lake on the Southern Tier of NY. Began M&M Prosperity Team in an effort to supplement their income and share what the learn to earn with their readers.

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