Google vs Yellow Pages – It’s About Money

You may not realize this but… if you’re still using the Yellow Pages for part of your marketing campaign, you’re spending too much for little or no exposure, you’re losing clients, customers and patients to the Google Search Engine.

Google vs Yellow Pages Statistics:

google-vs-yellowpagesPotential customers are 30 times more likely to search for a local business on Google vs.Yellow Pages. The Search Guru

About 70% of business searches used the internet in the last 12 months. The Search Guru

eCommerce grew 6% over the last year, in spite of a challenging economy. The Search Guru

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of mobile phone searches for local business saw the customer visit within 24 hours. Black Box Social Media

Seventy-three percent (73%) of search activity is for local products and services. Black Box Social Media

Almost 70% of adults in the U.S. rarely or never use the yellow pages. Harris Interactive

Google vs Yellow Pages – Visibility for Businesses

When you buy a yearly ad with Yellow Pages you will, if you’re like 99% of other marketers, get an ad that is nothing more than a glorified business card. Name, product/service, address, phone number, and tag line. For that you probably pay thousands.

Yellow Pages will give you an opportunity to have an internet listing which turns out to be a listing of not only your company but your competitors, as well. It’s a beauty contest for attention.

With Google, your company’s website is featured in searches of “keywords.” An example is “Attorney in Jamestown NY” and all the attorney’s serving Jamestown are listed

If the prospect clicks on your site, he will be taken to your website and/or your YouTube video about your company. It’s not a business card, it’s a marketing and sales opportunity. And it’s FREE

If done properly, you may be found in multiple searches. For example, if you’re a restaurant specializing in seafood and steaks, you could be found under Restaurants (city), Seafood restaurant and Steak restaurant, and perhaps under a specialty that someone searches for. And it’s FREE!

If you produce articles, blogs, or video blogs from your website, that little bit of extra work could land your recipe, your “how to” article, and your views on Google under title names Google searchers are looking for. Oh, yeah… that’s FREE, too!

It you’re as smart as I’m betting you are (because you’ve read this far), then you’ll be excited to know that the Facebook Business Page you’ve created also can be found by Google and posted for searches.

 Advertise on Google for FREE

Hopefully, you’ve been thinking about the difference between what you’re paying for your Yellow Page ad and FREE exposure on Google.

You will save enough to create a first-class website, and create an ad which is laser targeted to your perfect customers within 25 or 50 miles from your business. If your product or service can travel through the mail or UPS or is a digital product, then your territory can grow from local to national.

The fight is simply no longer fair. Google vs Yellow Pages statistics simply do not lie. Don’t just accept my word… do a Google search on “Google vs. Yellow Pages” and you’ll find literally hundreds of blogs and videos on the topic.

If you want to make certain your business is set up to take advantage of Google’s reach in showcasing your business, contact me and I’ll do a FREE evaluation of your media toolbox and leave you with one or more marketing ideas that will make you money. (btw… I’m an interesting guy to brainstorm with). And… No Selling… I promise! CLICK HERE to contact me by email.

No Risk Offer and a Guarantee

OFFER: If you don’t have a website or are unhappy with your current website, I’ll create one for you. I’ll create the website, take pictures, add videos and teach you how to blog effectively. You pay nothing up front and if you don’t like what I’ve built for you, don’t take it.

GUARANTEE: Then there’s the Guarantee. If you accept the website, you pay half and I will guarantee your local positioning on the first page of Google search within 6 months. If you don’t show up on the premium first page, you pay nothing more and you keep the website.

By CLICKING HERE you can have a beautiful, SEO powerful website in a matter of a few weeks. Remember, you risk nothing! If you don’t like the finished product then don’t accept it… you can walk away without having spent a dime.

This is an opportunity to think outside the box. If you’re doing what everyone else in your business is doing, you’re burning up your money. Thirty minutes could change the direction of your business, provide additional income, lower your costs and give you the time you’re looking for to do those things that make you smile!

Don’t wait… especially if you’ve been looking for help to grow your business. I’ve grown several of my own businesses over the years, have experience in international business development, sales and marketing training, and internet marketing. I know what I’m talking about and I build systems that work!


Google vs Yellow PagesContact me now and start growing your business in just one half hour! Until we meet, may you enjoy great health and the prosperity you deserve.

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