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Google vs Yellow PagesHey… greetings! I’m Mike Sparrow, CEO of M&M Prosperity Team

Have you ever asked yourself?

“What do I need to do to take my business to the next level?”

“How can I afford the additional people I need?”

“Is technology the best step for me in the future?”

“How do I form a total company plan for growth?”

“How do I increase profits without growing costs?”

“My product is great, but how can I communicate that to customers?”

Or do you ever just need someone to bounce ideas off of and

give you real-time advice that paints a clearer picture for you?


If any of those rings a bell with you…

…then you’ve come to the right place!


Business Consulting – 3 Pillars of Success


The first pillar is excellent product or service. That may seem elementary, but there are many entrepreneurs and executives who are cutting corners to make a profit. A quality product or service is the cornerstone of successfully growing a business.

The second pillar is proper training and application of marketing and sales. Without this critical pillar, there is no getting the public’s attention. Marketing and sales are an important handshake for developing potential clients and then converting them to sales.

 The third pillar is technology. In today’s market, too many business people place undue significance on internet marketing. It’s true that social media is an attractive and lucrative tool, but without the first two pillars, a company will simply be unable to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

 So Business Consulting… What is the Process?

 M&M Prosperity Team is a business consulting organization with the skills to assist businesses, big and small. We understand the concept of the three pillars of success and their influence on the growth of a business.

 The first skill we employ is listening! It’s not our company, our goal or our success… it’s yours. You tell us where you want to go, and when. Our job is to work with you to determine the right direction and assist in developing an overall business consulting plan that will attain both the goal and vision for your company.

 We are not just familiar with marketing, advertising, and sales. We are experienced business owners with extensive backgrounds in advertising, sales, and off-line and on-line marketing.

 And finally, once the goal and direction are clearly identified, technology can be brought into the success equation. Our goal is to help your company select and use the right programs and methods to both simplify and showcase your product and brand.

 So, there it is… Business Consulting – Three Pillars of Success. If it makes sense to you, then you’re probably asking yourself, “How can M&M Prosperity Team help me?”

 …a valid question. I’ll tell you a little about our background and why I believe we are the best business consulting solution to help you grow your business.

 Who is Mike Sparrow

M&M Prosperity Team was founded by Mike. With over 30 years of valuable business consulting experience, I have learned and taught every aspect of the three pillars concept.

 I can still see myself as a copier salesperson in San Diego, California. I shutter at the recollection of myself, dressed in a three-piece suit, pulling a red wagon from door to door in San Diego’s downtown business district, trying to get a business professional to watch a demonstration. (The red wagon, although corny, was a big hit and opened the doors to a lot of face time with decision makers!)

 My sales performances led to becoming a Sales Trainer, first on a national level then on an international level. I was privileged to train people from around the globe.

 During that time, I wrote a sales course entitled “Relationship Selling,” and served as a training consultant for a national training organization.

 Sales training and management training eventually led to a position as Director of International Business Development. In this position, I was able to create the “Business Consulting – Three Pillar” concept.

It was always my dream to start my own business, I established an advertising, public relations and magazine publishing company in Pennsylvania. Over the next 16 years, I honed many of the skills I share with businesses today.

 I would be remiss if I overlooked my wife and partner in our business development. Marlene has held positions as a National Computer Training Consultant, Customer Relations Instructor, and was instrumental in all aspects of our magazine publications.

To share a significant statistic with you, one of the magazines reached a total subscription of 7,000 business people monthly, while another had a readership of over 35,000 a month.

With a staff of two others, we designed and controlled the layout of each article and publication, developed and produced ads, wrote articles, took photos, handled distribution, did our own PR and advertising and were part of the office’s janitorial staff. We were and are joined at the hip with the Business Consulting – Three Pillars of Success and have practiced what we now preach.

After retiring from what had become a rat race (in which the rat never wins!), we moved to a quiet New York lake and settled into promoting products online. In a short period of time we became experts in building websites, working with online graphics, computer programs, recruiting, online advertising, training and supporting affiliate marketers, and teaching all that we know about marketing, advertising and sales.

It wasn’t too long before we began picking up a company here and a company there, and discovered the enjoyment of helping a hardworking entrepreneur realize his/her dreams of a successfully growing a business. This is the best job we’ve ever had!

So now we are “sold out” to assisting, coaching and consulting with a few business owners by applying the years of experience we’ve gained building our business and the businesses of others.

Listen, if you want to take your business to the next level and you’re unsure of how… or you need a sounding board, call me. If we can visit for a brief 30 minutes, I will tell you before we finish our meeting what I believe should be your next step in order to reach your goal.

There will be no selling on my part. I will answer your questions honestly. And if you don’t like any part of what I say, or don’t care for me, we will part friends and I will understand that our program is just not your cup-of-tea.

If you’d like to spend 30 minutes for a free evaluation and an idea of how to build your business, then you can reach me via phone or email (number and email address below).

So, if you’ve read this far you have my thanks. Wishing you all the prosperity you deserve…


Business Consulting's 3 Pillars of SuccessMike Sparrow

Telephone… (716)969-0784

Email address… mjsparrow65@gmail.com