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I’m not sure how many people will read this PR or a few days later read it as a blog… but if I was able to pick one skill to give someone that would help them experience success, it would be the ability to build trust!

Almost every company in internet marketing preaches this, but they refer to it as establishing a relationship. What’s a relationship in this case? If I read your PR and comment on it and you read mine and comment on it… does that eventually become a relationship? It causes me to like you, because you comment on my PR, but liking someone is not trust.

I follow a gentleman by the name of Scott Bywater from England. Scott is considered to be one of the top copy writers in the world. He’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from his clients to write copy and formulate campaigns. He is really smart, sincere, and successful. How do I know that… he told me!

Never met Scott, not a friend on facebook, don’t follow him on Twitter or Google +, and I have not subscribed to his news letter. But I search the internet for his marketing tips and have a manilla folder full of his writing tips. Scott knows marketing and people better than anyone.

We don’t have a relationship, but I do respect and trust Scott, and I would buy his course.

One of the first things Scott does when does a personal marketing piece is to discuss who he is and what he knows. He doesn’t boast, but he’s not shy about talking about what he’s accomplished. I don’t know Scott professionally, but I feel like I do because he tells me who he is and what he knows.

How many people feel that way about you and me?

So here’s a tip! If you use it and refine your approach it will be the single most potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. Here’s why I can say that… if your prospect doesn’t trust you, then chances are stacked against you making a sale. You’ll still get the dope who believes all that marketing chatter, but that prospect will not make it in this business.

Here’s the biggest mistake, in my opinion, you can make in marketing your product or service. You run an ad or capture page… the prospect clicks on it and it takes him to a landing page that gives 5-25 minutes on the company, the plan, testimonials, statistics, tied up in a flashy presentation.

At the end you get a call to action. In it is your name and id number so if the prospect signs up you become his sponsor. Why would you or I trust our futures in internet marketing to a name and a number. I was born at night but not last night.

The solution is simple. First write out who you are, how you got involve in the industry, what you did before, what skills you have, why you’d help them succeed and how. The fact that you’re not making 10,000 a month doesn’t matter. What matters is their perception of what it would be like to work with you. Be honest and sincere… you can’t fake that!

Next, develop an landing page that starts with a big fat claim so the prospect goes “ahh no way”, and then seque by saying, “but before I do, let me briefly tell you a little about myself.”

When you’re done with your little vitae, you might say, “Frankly, I don’t know if I have a thing in the world that will interest you, but if your like the majority of people on my team, you’ll find this video about XYZ to be powerful.”

Does it sound corny to you? I can only tell you that I’ve trained hundreds of salespeople to do this formula word for word and watched them build trust in just a few minutes. Or you can post and tweet and google hoping someone will notice you.

Yesterday when I began this series, I took some time to look at some of the big guns in our organization. They all seem to have that one ingredient that makes success. They are sincere and they are trustworthy.

You can trust me. Who the Hell are you?

You can be too! If you care for people you’ll want them to know right away that you are trustworthy. I hope you’ll try this and it will work for you… I’m confident that if you put a little time into it you’ll enjoy some great reactions.

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