Attorneys Don’t Be An Advertising Victim

Attorneys, don’t be an advertising victim.

Throughout my career I’ve known several hundred attorneys, and this is what I’ve learned…

Most attorneys were born with an analytical gene, and law school appears to amplify that characteristic. (By the way, that’s not a criticism). I think that analytical leaders are the life’s blood of recovery when the world’s economy tanks.

In truth, I admire attorneys… in fact, when I was a senior in college my plan was to attend St. Marys in San Antonio,Texas, in pursuit of a law degree. Unfortunately, that plan was interrupted by the Viet Nam war.

Attorneys Discover Marketing and Advertising

Attorneys don't be an advertising victimWhen you left law school, your were primed with ambition and a vision of helping people solve their legal problems. When you joined a practice or started your own, you quickly discovered the effort it took to build your clients in such a competitive environment… and it probably made your head explode.

There’s no marketing and advertising course that prepares you for the difficulties you’ll have in grasping the intricacies of publicly beating your own drum. So you seek advice from other lawyers on how to market and advertise.

Now… unless your Advertising Advisor is Edgar Snyder, you’ll probably find yourself faced with a jungle of requirements and options. You may start out doing not much more than buying yellow page ads and small newspaper ads. Then you’re faced with building a website and a Facebook business page. Unfortunately, you will eventually find that none of those media seem to be returning the time and money you invested in them.

Why? The answer… although somewhat complicated… can be reduced to a simple sentence, which is “You are missing the right audience with the wrong information at the wrong time.” As a worker’s comp/personal injury attorney you are face with the immediacy of reaching and securing a potential client with hours. Unlike your counter parts, you do not have the time to practice patience in landing your prospect. 

Okay, by now, if you’re still reading along, you’re thinking… “Will he share the answer to this problem?”

The Five Pillars Attorneys Need to Market Successfully

Attorneys don't be an advertising victimThe answer is, “You bet I’ll share the answer!” Here are the Five Steps to Marketing Success.

PILLAR 1. Capture the potential client’s attention immediately. This is done  through your website, ad or referral. You must have a site that grabs their attention right away. You can’t do it with a site that talks about the firm, how successful you were last year, your staff pictures, etc. You have about 20 (less for internet) seconds to gain their attention or lose the potential client is.

PILLAR 2. Building trust is the most important aspect of gaining a client. You cannot and will not close a deal if the client doesn’t feel comfortable. Start by simply telling them you


PILLAR 3. Identify their fears and pain. This pillar and the next have to do with a technique called “make ’em sick then make ’em well.” Start by telling them that most of your past clients were confused and afraidTalk to them about the insurance company, and the doctor although not dishonest have the company’s interest in mind and they are noted with laying land mines in the path of the injured worker to save the insurance company money. 

PILLAR 4. Offer the solution to the problem. Don’t ask how they’re feeling… tell them, “you must have many emotions running through your mind right now, don’t worry, all my clients have felt the same way at a time like this. I believe I can help you recover by telling you how I’ll be able to help you.” Then tell them a mini strategy, starting with the problem and moving to the next step Pillar 4.

Attorneys Jamestown NY

Lawyers Jamestown NY

(Niche…) Personal Injury Attorneys Jamestown NY

Attorneys don't be an advertising victimIf you cannot find your name or the firm’s name on the first page of the search results, one which includes a link to your website, then potential clients will not find you. And, since Google is the Yellow Pages (people are 30 times more likely to use Google than the Yellow Pages)… for many people, it is very important to optimize your visibility and get yourself on the first page.

Why the first page? Google’s statistics indicate that RARELY will a person look beyond the first page, assuming (wrongly) that only those organizations on the first page are the cream of the crop.

PILLAR 5. Begin blogging on topics a prospective client would search for. For example… “You can’t Work Because Of An Accident. What Do You Do?” -or- “Three Things You Must Do If You Can’t Work After An Accident.”

Headlines are very important.They not only draw the reader into the body of text, they also allow Google to categorize your blog. So, when the prospect searches for your adwords, Google pulls up your blog or video.

Blogs can be typewritten or made into videos (called vlogs). It may seem to you that these articles or videos just sit on your computer; however, a well written and informative blog can show up on the first page of search results when your perfect prospect needs you. Your competition won’t be there!

Listen, I know there’s not enough information here for you to kick off a marketing campaign, and I’m not hiding anything for you to buy. Putting the nuts and bolts of marketing and advertising into one blog would constitute a book. Rather than a book, I will cover each of the five steps in depth in upcoming blogs. You can sign up to receive those blogs over in the right hand side of this page.

In the meantime, I’ll make you two promises before I offer you two FREE gifts that will get you closer to your goal of successfully marketing yourself and your firm. You need not chose them both.

THE FIRST PROMISE and offer is this… I will sit down with you for a half hour and, before the end of that time, I’ll give you the exact information you need to put together a marketing campaign. And I promise I will not, under any circumstances try to sell you anything. (To schedule an appointment email me at

If you choose to pass on the opportunity, then you’ll be passing up a few hundred dollars worth of consulting time. Plus, I’m a pretty interesting guy to brainstorm with.

ebook_coverTHE SECOND PROMISE and offer is this… I have written a report, “Five Tips For Your Firm’s Visibility.” I will send that ebook to you immediately. And I promise not to attempt to send you irritating emails. (I will send you just three emails, because it’s Pillar 4.) You should read them because they will give you ideas for your own follow-up emails.CLICK Here

If you’ve stuck with me this far… Thanks! I know from experience that only a very small number of you will take action on these ideas, but you can assume that if you do, you will begin to build your client base ‘way beyond what you feel is normal.

But, frankly, that’s the situation in every profession and business. Those who take action find success and those who don’t simply wonder why they have all that knowledge and yet still struggle to build a business.

I hope you’ll take me up on both my gifts to you. They will definitely help you understand how successful professionals market and advertise. So, until we meet again, be healthy and as prosperous as you deserve to be.



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